Submit Anything?

All submissions welcome!

We accept literary fiction and genred submissions!

Please feel free to submit any genre of work!

…As long as it’s not High / Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction or Horror, right?

I’ve submitted five items to various places recently and had one acceptance (with a rate of 20% acceptance I am going to count myself extremely fortunate). However, what is interesting is that the piece that was accepted was for a genred anthology (science fiction / dystopian) whereas the other four were of the ‘we accept anything’ variety. Surely not enough to cause suspicion.

Well. Enter a few fellow writers of genred fiction. Over tea and buns we discussed submissions and publication and an interesting theme arose: If the journal or magazine they were submitting to was genred, they seemed to have a much higher acceptance rate than the ‘we accept anything’ magazines. How queer. Surely if they accept anything, the acceptance rate should be more or less the same?

The answer probably lies in readership. Readers looking for epic fantasy or science fiction are going to buy Lightspeed magazine. If they’re not, they won’t. I understand that journals and magazines have to cater to an audience or they won’t survive for long. My issue is with how submissions are requested. Surely if all genres are welcome, all should be considered equally? The journals (online and print) I read that ‘accept all genres’ hardly ever seem to feature horror, fantasy or sci-fi.

Does this mean that fantasy writing is seen as less important that literary fiction (which accounts for around 5% of the reading market)? Or is it genuinely difficult to find it well written enough to feature? What are everyone’s thoughts on this?


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