Flash Fiction shortlisted in NFFD 2014

On Wednesday I received the joyous (and unexpected) news that my 100-word flash fiction The Dolls had been shortlisted in the National Flash Fiction Day 2014 Competition!

The winners were announced today, but as I was not lucky enough to be amongst them, you can read my entry below.


All but those with rich owners show some signs of battery. A doll next to me is on her third set of eyes this year. I have no compulsion to ask her what happened to the others. I feel no sympathy. The barcode-covered tag I wear around my wrist shows which end of the scarlet street I belong to. And unlike the flesh girls, our owners do not lurk in the shadows. We will never run away. We don’t know how. A car drives past the girls and comes to stop in front of us. We stare. It moves on.


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