Birthdays in Books

Tomorrow is my birthday, so here’s my top five birthdays that occur in books:

5. Harry Potter in ‘Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry getting his cards is wonderfully done, particularly in contrast to the lack of interest shown by the Dursleys.

4. Tristan in ‘The Fifth Sorceress

A 30th birthday party goes from boring to a bloodbath after monsters gate crash the castle.

3. Charlie in ‘The Bad Mother’s Handbook’

Waking up at noon covered in breastmilk only to wander into a room full of people you’re trying to impress is a great way to turn eighteen.

2. Shinobu in ‘Love Hina

The ‘forgotten birthday’ storyline is a little overused, but it provides great character development for Keitaro and Shinobu and shows a different side to Naru as well.

1. Gerry in ‘My Family and Other Animals’

Everything about this is gold. From each family member inviting ten different guests, Larry’s lamenting about his manuscript, the new dogs being named Widdle and Puke… Even the taxi driver telling the doctor to stop having so many children is hilarious.

And if it’s your special day, too, many happy returns. What are your favourite birthdays in books?


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