Fictional Fathers

My (not-so) old dad has always been one of the few people who hasn’t told me to stop reading at the table.

He supported me when I started writing full time. He encouraged me to do my Masters. He asks about my writing, publishing progress and general wordiness.

My dad is not a writer and he reads sparsely as his job keeps him extremely busy. His emotional investment is beyond worth.

Before you drown in sloppiness, here are my top five Fictional Fathers.

5. Remus Lupin
I did debate putting Lupin here. But I think he was a better surrogate dad to Harry than he was to Teddy.

4. Ned Stark
The man of good intentions.

3. William
From Danny, The Champion of the World.
The father and son united in crime to pay back the yukky Mr Hazel is one of my favourite stories.

2. The Man
From Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Takes care of his son in a post apocalyptic world as they walk along the road towards the sea.

1. Adrian Mole
Though he does deny Glen’s paternity for a long time, he does become a successful single dad to two boys (and almost Gracie). His children all have different mothers and it’s never commented on. Adrian will be missed.


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