The Literary Consultancy’s Conference 2014 pt.3


The final day of the conference was billed as a ‘Bonus Day’. What was on offer was on a first-come basis, with emails being sent weeks before the conference for delegates to put their name down for various opportunities.

I was really keen to get onto the Royal Society of Literature’s Masterclass with Bernadine Evaristo (above), so I think I replied 45minutes after the programme was sent out! I did get on, along with several delegates, a contest winner and members of the RSL.

The Masterclass was, for me, the highlight of the whole weekend. The writers on the course seemed much more ‘keen’ on craft than some of the delegates I had spoken to during the weekend. And there was no mention of self-publishing. Connections were mentioned, though, which for someone as shy as me was another wake-up call.

We worked on character development, inspiration and plot-drives, and I really enjoyed the experience, even coming away with an idea for a new YA novel! Time to start a new notebook.


Final Thoughts

  • For the price, the conference could have offered more. The Writing East Midlands’ conference earlier this year had a choice of three different panels in each time slot, and was only £35 for the day, lunch included.
  • Although the pros of self-publishing were shown, it is still not an avenue I want to explore just yet
  • I love Indie-Presses more and more each day
  • Being told several times during the weekend that a Creative Writing MA is worth doing was very reassuring
  • Meeting so many writers was inspiring and it was great to network.

More people to check out

Claire Houghton-Price, associate literary agent

Amna K Boheim, author

Alex Stewart, writer and football blogger

If you went to the conference and want adding onto this list, just get in touch.



1 thought on “The Literary Consultancy’s Conference 2014 pt.3”

  1. sorry we didn’t get to meet on the Friday, but you hide your face away in your avi and I wasn’t sure who you were! Like any conferences chockfull of panels, some will be relevant, some less so. I did think the status (horrible word of many of the speakers on the Friday was impressive and the last couple of panels of the day were for me at least stimulating. And yeah, London prices!


    Marc Nash

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