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Nottingham Launch of ‘The Interpreter’s House’


On Wednesday, The Interpreter’s House, issue 56 was launched. I went along to support the wonderous poet that is Jo Dixon.

Jo is a fab reader and an even better writer, so if you’re after some thoughtful and expressive poetry, you could do a lot worse than giving her a follow on Twitter: @dixonjom Jo’s poetry is also to be appearing in New Walk magazine and the ForBooksSake anthology Furies.

The launch was a great night, very relaxed even though the venue, Five Leaves bookshop, was packed out (with standing room only starting to get cramped). You can pick up a copy of The Interpreter’s House here. There were poems about chickens, asylums, grandparents and even communting. Surely, that’s something for everyone?

You should also follow Andrew Taylor: @dradny and Rory Waterman: @rorywaterman, who are lecturers at Nottingham Trent University and excellent poets and all-round good eggs.