Meet L. D. Lapinski

My bio for the ‘Restless Minds’ anthology.

Restless Minds

L. D. Lapinski is a fantasy, sci-fi and flash fiction author from Nottingham. She completed her MA in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University.

L. D. Lapinski has been published previously in the FlashFiction14 anthology, After the Fall, from Boo Books, Moths at the Bus Stop from Nottingham Trent University, & Tuned to a Dead Channel and Threads from Dagda Publishing. She was recently shortlisted for the 2014 CCL Flash Fiction Prize and is currently working on a novel.

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Restless Minds Anthology Launch


Restless Minds, this year’s creative writing anthology launches on the 9th October.
Readings and talks will include words from acclaimed screenwriter William Ivory, poet Sarah Jackson and authors Oliver Clark, Silvia Lopez and Ben Field.
I’ll be doing a reading from my included story London Underground. I’d love to see you there! Entry is free and there will be wine.

Graham Joyce, Goodbye

I was fortunate enough to be taught Creative Writing by Graham.

I was fortunate enough to be in his final MA workshop group.

I was lucky enough to have him mark one of my assignments.

I was crushed to hear, yesterday, that he had died.

As well as being a wonderful writer, Graham Joyce was a fantastic tutor. He painstakingly went through my manuscript with me, helping me to get it to what he called ‘publication standard’. He wasn’t a soft touch – every tiny flaw in a student’s work was open to criticism and we welcomed it.

Graham reminded me of the importance of storytelling. Where, on an MA there is a strong focus on craft and criticism, Graham was a stickler for story, characters and voice.

He also gave us important DO NOT points to bear in mind when submitting to literary agents.

So, thank you, Graham, for coming back to teach us this year. Thank you for the laughs about characters going for a walk, for shouting at us all about page numbers, and for discussing the evolution of Fantasy writing with us.
Thank you for reading my manuscript and telling me to call this one the ‘final draft’. Thank you for lending me Sister Emily’s Lightship (though I fear it never made its way back into your hands and may still be in your pigeonhole). Thank you for making such an impact in me in such a short space of time.

I will miss you.

You can read Graham’s final blog on the clarity of cancer here: Graham