Notts Festival of Words


I was, sadly, only able to attend the Saturday programme for Notts Words, but I’m very glad I did so.

The day started for me with a meeting / information seminar about Creative Writing PhDs. This is something I am very conflicted about at the moment. On the one hand, I love studying and researching (and actually have a topic in mind), but on the other hand I do want to work on my novels simply for the sake of commercial publishing. But that’s a blog for another day.

IMG_6491.JPGRory Waterman introducing the poetry readings

The next session was a couple of poetry readings from Maurice Riordan and Sujatta Bhatt. Both poets read immensely visually rich poems, some great inspiration for writing in general.

IMG_6492.JPGSujatta Bhatt

My fellow writers Oliver Clark and Sana Aslam and I all went off for food and celebratory Workshopping at this point. All three of us have been fortunate enough to graduate with Distinction from our MA Creative Writing. Congratulations again, guys.


Georgina Lock interviews Will Self

The last session we attended was Georgina Lock’s interview of Will Self. Self was reading from his new novel Shark – if you know the story of the ill-fated ship Indianapolis, you’ll know the inspiration behind the novel. If you don’t know it, go look it up. It’s very interesting.
Despite one (quasi) heckler and a few minor disagreements, it was a extremely interesting discussion about not just the novel, but literature as a whole, the future of paper books and the growth of social media.

Roll on next year’s events!


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