Long time, no blog.

But! There is a very good reason why. I have been in the process of rewriting and completely editing my first novel. It has taken a good old while. Some of the passages were written in (le gasp) 2009. But the whole manuscript, all 85,000 words of it, has been revamped. I have edited it twice, and now it is resting, ready for a third edit in a few weeks time.

So, what have I learned?

1. I like to use the word ‘as’. A lot.
2. Medieval warfare can be winged for the right audience with a crash-course.
3. It’s not cool when your protagonist’s eyes change colour halfway through the novel.
4. This is definately a Young Adult / Crossover novel.

I also forced myself to set aside time to properly write a chapter I had been dreading coming to. It was very emotionally taxing. However, reading it back, I am very glad to see the words on the screen.

So, what’s next?

I have started working on a second novel (not a sequel to the first, although that is in the pipe), and I’m really enjoying these new characters and their setting. My graduation from my M.A. in Creative Writing is in a few weeks, and I shall be posting a few pictures from the ceremony I’m sure. Until then, you can still catch me on Twitter: @ldlapinski