Festive Tales

Whichever midwinter festival you’re celebrating, have a good one!
Writing with Christmas in mind is something I don’t usually do (though I did once ghost-write a festive tale for a magazine), but it’s always fun to read. Christmas and its ilk find their way into many novels, but here are some of my favourites.

5. The Harry Potter series.

Surely worth a mention just for the ‘magic’ that is ‘Christmas at Hogwarts’. It always snows, there are giant trees, living decorations and the food, good grief.

4. A Christmas Carol

I try and read this every year, though last year I had to settle for watching The Muppets’ version on TV. A ghost story everyone knows, but is even better first hand.

3. Ichiro’s gift in Doll

Ichiro builds a replacement mother for a boy whose real parent is physically and emotionally abusive. Ichiro’s is forced to deliver the android in a sack, whilst covered in blood. A macabre story, but the boy does get a mother capable of looking after him.

2. Hogfather

I committed the terrible sin of watching the TV adaptation before reading the book in this instance, but the entire story is so wonderfully, festively bonkers. Death, the Tooth Fairy, presents, Anthropomorphic Personification, what else is Hogswatch all about?

1. Every Christmas from the Adrian Mole diaries

The Mole Christmases are the right mixture of normal, weird, tradition and domesticity that makes them utterly believable. From Adrian’s panic about asking for ‘breast or thigh’ in his teens to his breakdown over the gravy in his later years, it’s Christmas as it should be.


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