Floundering in the Querying Sea

three dorks

The above picture shows me a year ago at the East Midlands Writers’ Conference, listening, I think, to visiting Literary Agents’ panel. I can assume it’s this from the frightened look I am giving the back of the person in front of me’s head.

Submitting seems to be a very isolating process. For starters, there’s no set formula for responses, and you can’t really expect one as agents are shockingly busy. But it means that both ‘no news is good news’ and ‘if you haven’t heard, you’ve heard’ are both viable options. And no one really talks about their own process. There are a few scattered blogs, but even they don’t mention which specific agents said ‘no’, which said ‘maybe’ and which took nine months to reply. That being said, every single person (be they an agent, writer or reader) on Twitter has been massively supportive and I can’t get over what a great community it is. If I am floundering too hard, they’re lobbing me life-rings.

So what have I been doing (aside from refreshing my inbox)? I’m working on Book Two. So far I’ve managed a first-draft chapter every set writing day, so with any luck the first draft will be complete soon and then the editing can begin.

The only downside to the weird sense of relief I got from submitting has been another WIP creeping out of the woodwork and demanding to be written. I may have plotted it out. And I may have written a synopsis and I may have done the first four chapters just to shut it up.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to press F5 before I open Word again…


2 thoughts on “Floundering in the Querying Sea”

  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I’m in the U.S. so I’m not sure how helpful I can be with info on specific agents, but I’ll happily cheer your efforts. Keep writing. Eventually someone will listen.

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