Restless Minds Fiction Night


The 30th April saw what was likely the final readings for the Restless Minds anthology. As well as contributors to the book, there were headliners and guest readers, all giving a taste of their work in and out of the anthology.

IMG_8839.JPGSana Aslam reading Paper Child

Sana read an extract from her short story Paper Child – a twisty fairy tale that plays on the concepts of innocence and permanence. I love this story. You can read it in the Dark Lane Anthology.

IMG_8840.JPGOliver D. Clark reads an extract from Shadowmouth

Oliver read an extract from the opening of his MG novel Shadowmouth – which included a new language! Equal parts scary and fantastical, kids will love this book.

IMG_8831.JPG  IMG_8832.JPG

I read from a WIP I have laid to one side for a while called Ever After. Ever After tells the story of Sascha who, after losing his boyfriend to an AIDS-related illness, is less than enthusiastic to learn that his new lover, Michael, is the anthropomorphic personification of Death:

The cigarette stub floated in coffee. I watched it spin around the cup. I considered a reply. ‘So, you’re like, an assassin?’

‘No. More like the guy with the black cloak and the scythe.’

I looked at the damp stub again and considered drinking around it. ‘That’s not something you hear every day.’

IMG_8809.JPG  IMG_8830.JPG

It was another wonderful night organised by Kristina Adams and Kristian Elliot, and I’m very thankful to have been asked along. Thank you to everyone who came and listened (and laughed!), you are all awesome beans.


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