Margaret Atwood at Nottingham’s Albert Hall

I’m always wary of meeting my heroes. No one has ever really topped meeting Mathew Corbet and Sooty, as a child. But when the chance came to see Margaret Atwood in my home town, I had to jump at it.

I first came across Atwood’s work in lower sixth. The Handmaid’s Tale was the first real dystopian novel I’d read. And it steered me towards Aldous Huxley, Jack McDevitt, H. G. Wells and more. Ultimately, it got me writing SF, as well.

But more importantly, it introduced me to feminism, and affected the rest of my outlook of life.

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Interview with BBC Newsbeat, Bisexuality and Resources

On Thursday 24th September I tweeted my joy about #BiVisibilityDay, and was contacted by the BBC to do an interview about the day.

In doing so, I came out to my extended family, Twitter and the whole of my Facebook (not to mention however many strangers who read the article). I am really fortunate and privileged that everyone has been supportive and nice and generally fantastic. I just want to say thank you to everyone who got in touch.

Doing the interview and being quite public was a liberating experience, but obviously not necessarily an appropriate means of coming out for everyone. With that in mind, here’s a few links to people who know much better than me:

This is a masterpost (scroll down to ‘Coming Out’) from LinkLibrarian:

There is also the It Gets Better project:

And Scarleteen (my favourite sexuality-resource when I was at Uni):