A Bookish Week

Thank you, first of all, for all the messages of congratulations and support about me getting signed with my dream agent! I’m still over the moon about it!

Last week I had a fantastically bookish week in London. I love going to the capital, even if it does mean black snot. This time I was heading down for the launch of Waiting for Callback by Perdita and Honor Cargill.

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When Dreams Come True

I dreamed about writing this announcement for a very long time.

I’m thrilled to be able to say I have a literary agent! I’m now represented by the amazing Claire Wilson at Rogers, Coleridge and White.

This is such a dream come true, and I can’t wait to see where working with Claire will take me.

Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged me, who read manuscripts and tolerated my obsessive email checking. You’re all magical pink unicorns, and I love you.

I’ll do a proper ‘How I Got My Agent’ post soon… When they’ve peeled me off the ceiling.

Resolutions for 2016

These have taken a while. Mostly because I’m terrible at confusing resolutions with goals. So, although I have things I’d like to achieve in 2016, I’ve tried to keep my resolutions strictly to things I am capable of affecting by myself. Which brings me to…
1. Worry less about things I cannot change. This goes for writing and general life stuff.

2. Pay my body more respect. It’s done some pretty amazing things in its time. I think it deserves better than crappy food, no exercise and not enough rest.

3. Be more patient. Again, this goes for non-writing life, too. Especially parenting.

2015 brought me a lot of amazing things. Here’s hoping for a busy and happy and healthy 2016.