Editing and Redrafting

I couldn’t think of a way to make this post sound exciting, because I don’t really think editing is exciting. It’s not boring, exactly, but it feels so much more like work to me than the freedom of a first draft. 
I’ll also stick a big disclaimer here: This is not a ‘How to Edit’ post. Because I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all formula for any part of writing, and you certainly shouldn’t sit worrying if you work diferently from your writer friends. Writing is art, after all, and everyone sculpts their story using the tools that fit in their hands.

On that note, here’s what I do.

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Identity, Own Voices, and #ThisIsWhoIAm

I’ve been thinking about the #ownvoices movement a lot recently. Whilst I don’t think writers have much of an excuse not to write diverse characters, there’s no denying that Own Voices need to be given representative weight.

But whilst this was at the forefront of my mind when I started writing my latest MS (see this blog post), what I didn’t take into account was just what the process of writing was going to cost me.

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First Drafts Are Fun

They are! Honestly. At least, I think so. I know some writers hate first drafts and can’t wait to get into the meaty writing process of editing, but I adore a first draft. There’s something so unapologetic and fresh about words as they just pour out.

I’ve spoken here and on Twitter about the days I get to write, and the three days a week I have are still really precious. And I really can’t write in the evenings – I’ve tried, and I’m just too exhausted. So I’ve started utilising a brilliant writing device:


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