Bone Season Advocate, and Prequel of The Song Rising!

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Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know of my deep, pure and true love of The Bone Season Series. It’s the best fantasy series I’ve read since Potter, and everyone within earshot (or net-shot?) has pretty much had to put up with me banging on about it since I started reading it. Have you read it yet? Why the hell not? Honestly.

The series is so original and crisp in its description and world-building. Nothing is left to a shrug or a ‘I hadn’t considered that’ – Samantha Shannon’s world is so believable and rich, it’s Writing Goals AF. Paige is a heroine with flaws and goals and wants and needs – she does good and makes mistakes and is passionate. She’s the most complex main character I’ve read in years. The pamphlet On The Merits of Unnaturalness made me both hate and love Jaxon Hall so much that if the hard copy of said pamphlet wasn’t one of my prized posessions I might have stamped on it.

mime ordersMy collection of The Mine Order – Proof, Hardback, Paperback

I applied to be a Bone Season Advocate because it’s a series of books I am pleased to have come to at the (relative) beginning, for a change – again, not something I’ve done since Potter. Not once have I wondered if I’ll get the next book or not – I ordered it as soon as the preorder link went live. I’ve collected the different covers, and even the proofs, with the kindest person donating their proof of The Bone Season to me after I was about to lose hope of finding one in the wild.

So getting the news today that I’ve been accepted to share exclusive excerpts and news with my followers was astounding. Promoting books I love is something I do anyway – if I’ve enjoyed something, I will make sure you enjoy it too, and then we can cry about it together. But this was something special. And something I’m super proud to be a part of.

So, below is the incredibly spoiler heavy if you haven’t read The Mine Order prologue from Samantha Shannon’s next book – the third installment of The Bone Season series:

The Song Rising

Click Here to download the PDF

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