YA Shot Write-Up

Saturday 22nd October 2016 saw the second YA Shot take place in Uxbridge! Spread across three venues, the whole event was masterminded by awesome author Alexia Casale and her team of interns and contributors. I was lucky enough to work as a volunteer mentor for the intern team, and was super-excited about attending the event!


YA Shot was a must-attend for anyone who reads YA. There were dozens of authors taking part in panels, interviews and discussions as well as signing their books for their readers.

Unlike YALC, the event was run purely on its own, so there was a distinct lack of people cosplaying, much to some people’s (my) chagrin. But there was lovely book swag, tote bags and postcards promoting books that were availale to buy at the pop-up Waterstones.








My face was not co-operating (can we blame the overhead lighting? let’s), but I managed to grab a few selfies with the awesome guests of the day!

Face obscured to save my dignity. Not pictured: Chris Russel worshipping my trainers.

The panels at YA Shot were varied and interesting. I wish i could have attended them all! This one, about identity and multiplicity, was really inspiring and funy! Apparently leprosy is not the most popular disease. Who knew?

As well as panels, there were In Conversation events. I attended the conversation between Melinda Salisbury and Julia Grey, and it was everything. These two books, rooted in mythology and the author’s own created worlds, are the perfect way to start reading YA Fantasy.

There was standing-room-only at Melinda and Julia’s event!

Another incredibly well-attended event was the Romance and Feminism panel with Holly Bourne, Holly Smale, Harriet Reuter Hapgood and Rachel McIntyre. The discussion took us from Anne of Green Gables to Rainbow Rowell and everywhere inbetween. There were some lovely questions from the audience, including on the definition of problematic and the portrayal of attractiveness of both boys and girls in YA Fiction.

And then it was the end of the day, and time for all the tired authors to get the tube home…

YA Shot was a wonderful success, and I hope the event happens again next year!



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